Hill Estate – Bronte Quadrangle, Oakville

The site is an assembly consisting of six different property addresses namely: 2405 Ontario Street, 38- 46 Jones Street, 2416 Marie Drive, 43-45 Bronte Road and 33-35 Bronte Road. The total square footage is approximately 69,473 square feet.

The site was zoned C3R at the time of sale and which permitted a wide range of commercial and residential applications. The land was improved with low-density buildings, two of them bearing an historical designation.

The site dimensions were irregular and was of Prime focus to the Town of Oakville, the rate payers and the Business Association due to the site’s historical nature and prominent waterfront location.

How We Have Applied Our Experience
A total of thirteen offers were generated and a cash, firm sale was concluded on a thirty day closing. The marketing material was presented to promote a vision of a redevelopment in collaboration with the Town of Oakville that would be supported by the Business Association and the ratepayers.

"In a recent transaction involving a sale of an assembly of lands in Oakville, Pierre was a co-broker in the transaction and was instrumental in the introduction, signing and final completion of the sale. Pierre was very knowledgable and he obviously had spent considerable time and effort researching the property and the area. He was able to translate his knowledge into a very detailed and presentable offering memorandum. A job well done."

Marc Lean
Aylesworth, Thompson, Phelan, O'Brien LLP

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